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Dean Investigation Agency offers CONCEALED WEAPON PERMITS, please visit the link: RdeanCWP.com for more information!

The Dean Investigation Agency is a full service professional investigation agency in Columbia, SC and serving Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina in the areas of Infidelity, Domestic Investigations & Family Court Cases, Child Support and much more. Our agency motto is 'Investigation Results Gathered Through Diligence, Resourcefulness & Tenacity.' This is the formula we feel is necessary for securing results in every investigation. Coupled with our professionalism and determination, our experienced team of investigators applies this philosophy to each case. We utilize only the latest video surveillance, night vision equipment and GPS Tracking to ensure accurate documentation. Our rates are competitive to other area investigative firms, however, we strive to be the most efficient, cost-effective and accurate of investigative agencies. Professional references will be supplied upon request. When you require professional investigative services in NC, SC, GA & FL, contact the Dean Investigation Agency.

Chief Investigator Dean has written Slippin' A Female's Guide to Male Infidelity based on his 20 plus years as an Infidelity Investigator. This compilation of previous investigations along with his professional expertise gives women a true life Guide when dealing with Infidelity. Purchase your copy today on Amazon!


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Are you’re in search of a first-rate private investigator? Our team is expertly trained in delivering you the results you desire. You’ll rest assured knowing that our detectives are on the case. Our legal and discrete investigative tactics will guarantee accurate reports. We’ll provide you with the answers you’re looking for as soon as possible.<br /><br />Whether your case involves background checks or infidelity, we’ve got you covered. Our team is top-notch and will thoroughly collect as much information as possible to bring you the answers that you’ve been searching for. If you want discretion and confidentiality, give us a call today! We’d be glad to assist you in any way we can!<br />

During the unfortunate circumstance of an arrest, our investigation will assist you in corroborating your alibi through witness statements, identifying, locating and interviewing other potential material witnesses, verifying police statements, photographing crime scenes and of course providing professional courtroom testimony should your attorney deem necessary.<br /><br />Understand the solicitor's office has unlimited resources, allow the Dean Investigation Agency to provide an equal playing field with our comprehensive investigation to help your attorney prove your innocence.

Infidelity can occur even in the strongest of marriages. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from this occurrence. Cheating spouses are one of our many specialties. If your spouse is cheating, we’ll find out.<br /><br />Temptation hides around every corner and alleyway. Sometimes, spouses fail. An act of infidelity can and has ended many marriages. After the use of our services, it is our hope that whatever action you decide to take will be the best decision for you.

Do you plan on hiring? Do you need to verify pertainent information? Do you want to determine if someone is lying? Where did this person really come from? Are you suspicious of a "friend"? All these questions can be answered through a simple Background Check.<br /><br />Our extensive knowledge of cross-checking vital information through National Data Bank Sources enables us to provide you the answers you are looking for.

Do you have a gnawing suspicion that something is not quite as it seems? Are you concerned that your loved one isn’t as faithful as you hoped? Answer all of these questions and more by enlisting our surveillance services. Here at Dean Investigation Agency, we help you find closure and answers. For many years we have helped residents in Columbia, SC find peace of mind with our top of the line surveillance services. <br /><br />Whether you are in the midst of a criminal defense investigation or maybe an insurance fraud investigation, we can get to the bottom of it for you! We take great pride in the work that we do and constantly strive to provide our clients with nothing but the best. Since our early days in the industry, we have exemplified what it means to be a private investigator and have led the industry by example ever since.<br /><br />


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